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One and a half years later

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Well, it appears I was not very successful at blogging. Life is just too full of other things that need to get done when you are trying to build your own business. Though not big, and certainly not bringing in the kind of income my family needs, Ensemble Media is up and running. We have a small, but growing roster of great clients and that is what it is all about. Doing great work for great clients. At 39″again”, I really do not want to work with assholes. I absolutely will not work people who do not respect other people and I will only work on products I believe in.

Last week, out of the blue, I got an email from an Ex-Senior Vice President of a major retail chain (thank you linkedin), he’d been restructured when Loblaws took over his chain. I was flabbergasted to say the least. See here is the thing, and perhaps it is one of the reasons I am only moderately successful in my new business venture. I don’t see myself as others see me. I have a track record of huge wins building businesses and taking clients success to the next level, but I don’t know how to monetize that. I guess, the reality is, I just don’t see myself as that “good”. It is great when you get the opportunity to hear, from the heart, what other people think of you and your work.

At 39again, I really wish I would get over my little girl shyness and shout out loud everything I want to say without worrying about what other people think, lol. Oh well, maybe when I hit the BIG 50, I will finally “grow” up.

WooHoo …. not so much!

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Ok, I didn’t intend for my very first blog to be a product review but hey, when the inspiration hits .. you run with it.

WooHoo, Vaudreuil bills itself as Canada’s largest indoor family fun center. It is one massive building, with a giant play structure, a few video games, a rock climbing wall and a laser maze. That is it, that is all. And while my kids 7, 10 and my nephew 11, did have a great time – as parent, I’m not quite as easily impressed.

I can accept the price, $13,95 per kid. I can accept paying a little extra for the rock climbing wall, $3,50 for three tries. I can even accept the whopping $1.00 per token/video game. What I have an issue with is being charged $5.95 to sit and watch my kids play. I also take offense to paying $2.25 for the smallest size slushy available. To me, this is just a huge, unnecessary rip-off and it certainly does not encourage me to want to return. My kids will tell you otherwise, they are already begging to go back. But, at 39..again, I value customer appreciation and I value companies that do not go out of their way to gouge me.

$2.25 for a tiny Slushy!
$2.25 for a tiny Slushy!

A few other things added to my negative experience; 1) The washrooms were disgusting. Not just messy, disgusting. One stall wherein it appeared a child of potty training age must have had a horrible accident remained in the unbelievable state for my entire 4 hour visit. 2) The on-site cash machine was out-of-order and while that is no big deal in itself, to buy tokens to play the video games, you must have cash. When I asked the food counter for cash back to be able buy tokens, I was refused. Huh? Yeah, that is good business .. you just kissed away at least $20.00 in incremental revenue I would have otherwise dropped into your video games. But for me, it is just another big slap in the face and a fail score in the customer satisfaction column. (I should note that though it was the Christmas holiday period, our visit was later in the day and the establishment was not overly busy).

Wake-up WooHoo. Short of being desperate for things for my kids to do on days where it is -35, you are not going to be seeing any more of my money. Take a lesson from some other popular kids venues like Laser Quest, where upon exit you get a voucher for a 1/2 price admission on your next visit. Try making your snack and beverage prices a little more reasonable (hmm .. you would probably sell a lot more and end up making more money), and CLEAN UP. Yikes, if your bathrooms are so disgusting, what is the play structure like after a day of snotty, sneezing kids running through it and how often do you hit that with antibacterial wipes????